Go balls out

to Take on testicular cancer

Send a txticle

Send a txticle for Testicular Cancer Awareness month.

Send any 2 ball emoji's to 4644 to make a much needed $3 donation to Testicular Cancer research.
Any two balls will do, soccer, rugby, crystal, if it's ball shaped it's a txticle.


Send a txticle

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Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer affecting men between the ages of 15-39. Sadly, awareness of this cancer, how to check for symptoms and how to reduce the risk is shockingly low.

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and we need your to help to get the message out.

It's proven that regular exercise helps prevent a number of cancers, so get out in the park, on the streets or wherever you want and create your own giant cock 'n' balls.

Tips and Tricks for your cock 'n' balls

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Simple directions for checking your own balls.

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